Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Lots of stuff is happening..

Well it appears that at heart I am not really a true blogger. It is over a month since I last wrote!

So much has happed in that time, and I guess that is why. My parents have visited, I've started my Swedish lessons, I've finished my Swedish lessons and I've flown to NEPAL. So last month was a hundred things happening all at once.!

So why Nepal? Well I tried option the option of getting a real job, and somehow it just didn't feel right. A few of my friends were going kayaking in Nepal.... and you know the rest. If you are one of Greig's friends, now would be a great time to send him an email because he's all alone in Stockholm at the moment.

So how is Kathmandu? Well it's great to be back in Asia. Yes it is noisy, but it doesn't really smell. The clothes are awesomely bright and it is true that the Nepalese people are really friendly, even by Kiwi standards!

I'm having great fun asking all the English speaking people to guess where I come from. The Swedish lessons seem to have screwed up my accent, so I never know quite what sort of accent is going to come out. I even talk English like a Swede sometimes.

Hopefully I can get some photos up soon, because I had an awesome day at the temple today and meet lots of the locals. This trip I have decided to take more photos and spend more time just chilling with the locals. It really seems to be working.

Catch you soon

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